UNLIMITED everything

Create as many tours, tour stops and objects within those tour stops as you like. There's no limit to what you can do!

Guided or free mode

Pre-set the navigation of your tour stops with a guided tour or allow your guests to tour stops in a "free roam" mode.

DRAG-AND-DROP functionality

Tours, stops, objects and activity order are all managed with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Keep those visitors busy!

Give your visitors fun tasks and activities sprinkled throughout your tours that will enhance their experience, virtually or IRL.

Unlimited tours, unlimited stops, unlimited objects and tasks...  at one set price...

Create or duplicate a tour, add stops and feature objects using your external collection management system, or build your objects within ours.

NO yearly maintenance fees or upgrade fees.
Paid feature upgrades available when YOU choose to upgrade.

Fully Visitor-Centered...

Now your visitors can touch and navigate your exhibits and your objects exactly how you plan it. Dictate the visitor traffic flow with automatic navigation buttons on guided tours, enhance your points of interest with audio clips, videos, panoramic photos or download files, or link all of your virtual tour stops however you like, and give your visitors the freedom to roam to their heart's content!


Enhance your in-house object labels with stories, sounds, videos or expanded narratives. You'll have plenty of room to tell the full history behind the object.


Free-roaming individual virtual tours without a care, or give your local visitors more detailed information than will fit on your physical labels.


Activities are the heart of object-based learning. Assign your visitors goals, tasks, quests and adventures to give them the experience of a lifetime!

living history sites

Elaborate your labels. Write that essay or dissertation for visitors that want the full picture, the full story behind your objects, without taking up valuable tangible space at your site.

Version 1.75 Now Available!

 The visiTOUR.us virtual and guided tour management system is now available for licensing, but we are always open to your suggestions, so send us an email and request a feature or function. It's our goal to make the visiTOUR.us system the best it can be for museums, galleries, living history sites, and historical institutions.