Still in active development, the visiTOUR system allows for:

  • Creation of a new Tour
  • Update the details of an existing Tour
  • Drag-and-Drop reordering of pre-configured Stops along your tour route, including dragging temporary stops to the “available stops” tray for later inclusion.
  • Cloning of Stop settings to use in a current or pending Tour

Recently added development or features:

  • Creation of a new Stop
  • Update the details of an existing Stop
  • Drag-and-Drop reordering of pre-configured Items with in a Stop. Items include a combination of Objects or Tasks.
  • The system automatically creates a “draft” Stop order in a Tour or Item order in a Stop. This means you can re-arrange items but you don’t have to commit to make them live. The system remembers your previous work and backs it up, letting you restore at your discretion! Perfect for lots of work done and rescued during a computer, browser or internet outage, or if you want to get feedback on your changes before making them live.
  • A starting point “visiTOUR Center” breaks down Account settings, Tours to manage (or create a new Tour), and Drag-and-Drop quick-upload of media files (audio and video files).

As development continues, we’ll update our followers on progress, as well as provide a link to demo pages as they are tested and available for input.

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