Happy New Year!

The museum and historic site game can often be about fundraising for non-profit foundations to procure the money for a project such as visiTOUR.US. Even when your institution has an endowment, there are budgets and boards that may need to approve a digital experience. That’s why PrimeSite Web Solutions, developer of visiTOUR.US has partnered with Resilient Heritage to offer grant writing services in hopes of covering the costs of your system needs.

Resilient HeritageResilient Heritage collaborates at the crossroads between and among arts, culture, and heritage. Working with museums, community organizations, philanthropy, and the governmental sector, Resilient Heritage builds value and relationships that in turn strengthen organizations to fulfill mission-critical work through organizational development, fundraising, and public engagement. Based on your institution’s needs and grant requirements, Resilient Heritage will create a grant package custom-tailored to you. From government grants to family foundations, RH is ready to secure the resources to make your project or initiative successful.

Contact PrimeSite Web Solutions or Resilient Heritage today to discuss this important partnership.

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