The Texas Association of  Museums conference, entitled “Expanding Horizons: Illuminating our Cultural Tapestry” happens in Lubbock, Texas from April 14th through 17th. From the association:

“Join us at the TAM 2024 conference in Lubbock, Texas, as we look to the future inspired by the city’s renowned sunsets and united community. Explore the City of Lubbock, embrace its vibrant arts and cultural scene, and join the conversation about collaborating to nurture and expand our cultural fabric. At TAM 2024 Lubbock, we’ll interlace diverse perspectives and experiences as well as create a vibrant tapestry that celebrates heritage, sparks creativity, and strengthens our bonds. Inspired by Lubbock’s continuing commitment to professional ideals and the collections and communities served, let’s embark on this journey together and discover what lies just beyond the horizon for our collective cultural enrichment.

Venues Include The Museum of Texas Tech University, The National Ranching Heritage Center, Science Spectrum, The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, the Silent Wings Museum, and more!”

visiTOUR.US is proud to be a Lubbock Lonestar level sponsor for this year’s event. We hope to see you on the exhibit floor!

Click here to get more information and register!

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