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Since 2019, AASLH has conducted annually a national survey of in-person visitation trends at United States historical organizations. The National Visitation Report provides data about attendance at historical organizations of all types and sizes, enabling us to more confidently assess Americans’ engagement with U.S. history museums, sites, and other institutions. The Report highlights year-to-year visitation trends, helping us understand more clearly if visitation is going up or down (and by how much) at institutions of different budget sizes, organizational structures, functions, and in different regions of the country.

(The full AASLH article can be found here…)

In 2020, attendance to museums was down, which is not surprising given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means your institution may need more ways to both engage your visitors and attract new ones, and the visiTOUR.US tour system can help. Development is almost complete and beta testing is on the way.

Contact us today to request a demo and inquire about pricing for your museum, gallery, historical home or living history site.

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